Emkan Charity

We envision a country where humanity can thrive. One with a rich identity built on maintaining human dignity through mobilizing the power of humanity. We are committed to promoting social and economic transformation of vulnerable community members, irrespective of their nationality, religion, or social status.

Food Security

Food Package 7,956
Fruits and Vegetables 60 Tons
Cattle 176
Iftar Meals 12,476
Food Vouchers 52,500,000 LBP
Water 1,200 boxes
Ready Meals 15,000
Bread 410,000

Medical Aid

Medical Center 2
Blood Units 150
Chronic medication 350
Medications 1,920
Medical visits 4,000
IV units 1,200
Surgery 100
Various medical aid 3,000

Port Blast Response

Response tent 55,760,000 LBP
Garbage cans 301
Renovation 409 houses
Renovation 7 mosques
Renovation 123 apartments
Cleaning 320 workers
Clothing 6,000 pieces
Provision of diesel 26 tons

Covid Response

Cleaning package 3,600
Oxygen Machines 41
Hospital aid 2,100 Pieces
Covid-19 Rapid Test 5,000
Masks 166,000

Financial Support

Cash aid 75,000,000 LBP
Aid for Hospitals 100,000,000 LBP
Food vouchers 52,500,000 LBP


Diapers 600 boxes
Milk 245 boxes
Clothing 290 orphans


Bank Info

Bank Account: 02-400-00-2831500-01 (USD)
Bank Account: 01-400-00-2831500-00 (LBP)
Bank: Bankmed

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